Underground Water Leak Detection: Self-Diagnosis

Resources are valuable to you and the environment. Unnecessarily wasting financial resources in the form of utility bills and wasting natural resources in the form of clean drinking water leaves no one in an ideal position. As such, underground water leaks can be both fiscally and environmentally detrimental. Thus, finding out whether or not you have an underground water leak is quite important.

Underground Water Leak Detection: The Signs

Needless to say, there are obvious signs that you can look for to determine whether or not you have a leak of any sort. If water is unaccountably appearing anywhere in your residence, like the front yard or around a meter box, odds are you have a leak. However, an unusually high bill may also be a telltale sign that your home has a leak. Moreover, water leaks in underground, pressurized pipes are known to sometimes make strange noises if there is a leak present. The loudness of a leak sound depends on the water pressure inside a pipe, so there may not always be a hissing sound. However, checking the water meter when no water is being used can indeed help determine if you have a leak. For older meter boxes, check the position of the center sweep hand, wait twenty minutes, and see if it has moved. Movement means there is likely a leak. New meters often come with leak detectors, so a red triangle will appear when water is passing through it. If water is passing through while no water source is being used, there’s a leak.

Underground Water Leak Detection: Determining Its Location

One of the most important things to do is determine whether the leak is in your home or underground. First you must locate the master valve (often located in a home’s crawl space or utility room) and shut it off. If the meter has stopped recording water, the leak is probably underground between the master valve and meter box.

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