Basement Water Damage: Pulling off the Band-Aid

A few years ago, I was down in my basement when I noticed wet spots on the floor. Initially, I had no idea what it was. As far as I knew, someone in my family (the kids, I thought) were down in the basement playing with water balloons. A closer investigation into the problem, however, revealed something far worse than cleaning up after a water balloon fight. Analyzing the situation, I realized that my basement had all the signs of water damage.

Basement Water Damage: Coming to Terms

At first, I was in denial about the water damage. I thought perhaps there was an alternate situation occurring. Perhaps the kids were playing with buckets of water, thus leaving behind no culprit. Of course, this would also mean that they were leaving the water running, as I needed something to explain the quite expense utilities bill for the month. Nonetheless, after researching online, basement water damage was the only logical conclusion. Furthermore, according to everything I read, it was a problem that needed to be dealt with quickly in order to avoid any additional, more permanent damage (anything from having a warped floor to permanent discolorations or worse). Thus, I realized I needed to call in a professional.

Basement Water Damage: Calling a Professional

While there are many do-it-yourself projects to embark upon, I would not in the least embark on such a project when it comes to basement water damage. Basement water damage, I soon found out, was a serious issue that needed professional attention. Anything less than a professional touch would have likely caused even more problems than before. In the long run, calling in a professional was definitely the smart move. The savings in my utilities more than paid for it.

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